CD MOTOR GROUP is committed to the Health and Safety of ALL persons who enter these premises as a duty of care.

Due to our OH&S Policy, this company requires ALL persons to abide by our CONTRACTOR INDUCTION POLICY to assist in providing a safe environment within our business perimeter.

The following requirements are necessary to enter our workplace beyond the confinements of the main reception area.

  • Make all enquiries at the relevant manager immediately upon arrival.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the workplace environment.
  • Fully enclosed footwear with flat heels.
  • Accept supervision when deemed necessary by the Management.
  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if required as per the Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the work performed.
  • Make yourself aware of the evacuation points for the site you are visiting.
  • Know where the first aid kits are located for the site you are visiting.

FTG Evacuation Points

Knox Evacuation Points

Gilbert Park Drive Points

Failure to accept these conditions will result in NO ADMITTANCE to the workplace environment.

I have read and fully understand this CONTRACTOR INDUCTION POLICY and will abide by its requirements.

Please make sure you have your JSA ready with you. If you do not have one please download the provided JSA Document Template and upload it when completed.