Concept and Newlands Caravans Melbourne Join CD Motor Group

CD Motor Group have now expanded to lifestyle dealerships where we boast a wide range of caravan options and Polaris vehicles. These dealerships are located in the northern suburbs of Hume and Somerton where the caravans are proudly Aussie-made. The two newly acquired caravan companies are Concept Caravans Melbourne and Newlands Caravans Melbourne.

Concept Caravans Melbourne

Concept Caravans Melbourne is now part of CD Motor Group. Established in 2004, Concept Caravans build caravans based on customers’ needs and creates the perfect caravan for them. With the use of the latest technology, Concept Caravans have increased the efficiency, quality and longevity of every caravan produced. We are proud to have the quality vans of concept displayed in our showroom. The result of hard work and the latest technology is innovative caravans that offer a variety of options and layouts. Concept Caravans are proudly Australian-made in the northern suburbs and boast 4 different series of quality caravans that can be made fit to your family, no matter the size.

4 Types of Concept Caravans

Tried, tested and proven. Concept Caravans have released their first off-road range. We will now deliver the RS Series with five layouts to choose from; each van comes fully fitted with no compromises, allowing your experience to be enjoyed as planned.

The Ascot Series which recently got an update, now with two new layouts and a whole host of features, complementing the bold stance that its sleek body lines portray. This van has everything you look for to complement your journey. 

The XTC Series has been designed and built for long-term touring in luxury and comfort. The spacious interiors are complemented by stylish flush-finished furniture. Sitting atop a Preston-built Supergal chassis, with ALKO independent suspension, ensuring the most pleasurable travel and accommodation. 

A family range of vans to suit all sizes, weight ranges and specifications. Whether you’re after two or three bunks, small or large, we have what you’re after.

Newlands Caravans Melbourne

The third caravan company to be added to CD Motor Group, and also a brother company to Concept Caravans Melbourne, is Newlands Caravans Melbourne. The Newlands philosophy is to bring the Australian Caravan Community the best value, quality caravans on the market. The team at Newlands; each year introduce more value, adds something new and innovates to enhance the range. And that is why we are proud to have this brand a part of our family-owned company. There is a van to suit all family needs and family budgets. There are two ranges to choose from, with optional layouts, stunning features that come standard and plenty more to add in optional extras.


2 Types of Newlands Caravans

The Tourister Range of caravans comes in single and twin-axle, and from fitting a solo traveller to a family of 5. These vans are decked out with a modern interior, ample storage and comfortable living space.

The Luxe Range expands on from the Tourister Range, hosting a variety of luxury features as standard. Still ranging from the single axle through to the twin axle, there is something for everyone.

The Touring Hub

With the incorporation of these two caravan companies. We will have a large variety of brands to choose from all centralised into one location.