Launch of the NIRO


In June, Ferntree Gully Kia took delivery of the ALL-NEW Niro. A self-charging hybrid with modern technology and a fresh look. The fun-to-drive crossover SUV comes in Hybrid or Electric versions. The newly designed Niro sports sharps lines and dramatic angles and stands out with a distinctive C-pillar design that is stylish and functional which provides aerodynamical benefits too. The rear of the vehicle has been completely reshaped with a modernised rear bumper and full LED lights to complete the appearance of the Niro. Dynamic alloy wheels are available in 16 or 18 inches with both options coming in 2 geometric designs. 

Our salesman Dorian with a walkthrough


The interior has been created with sustainability in mind and technology-driven. USB ports can be found in the front seats and around the cabin. Ambient lighting with customisable colours brings an extra touch of luxury throughout the dash and seats. And multifunctional front seats that turn headrests into hangers for clothes or to create a roomier space in the back. With new technologies for the driver up front, the Heads Up Display (HUD) provides vital information conveniently at eye level and a Dial-type shifter that is intuitive creating a clean and minimalist look and feel.

Heated & ventilated front seats that can be personalised for the comfort of both driver and passenger. 

Sustainability was kept in mind with recycled PET headlining & bio-synthetic leather seats made from eucalyptus tree fibres providing a real-like leather feel.


Generous, dual 10.25-inch displays that are easy to read and operate, touchscreen and an informative display that hosts a multitude of features such as Bluetooth and Android Auto & Apple Carplay.

A new feature is the Climate control buttons on the LCD screen that then turn into infotainment controls when you’ve set your climate.

Safety Highlights

Safety comes first for Kia, and they have done so very well with their technology assisted safety protocols. There are many to learn about but these are the key features to focus on, to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians. 

Autonomous Emergency Braking

Radar and camera data sense your surroundings you may not see.

Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance (RCCA)

Warning the driver with audio and visual alerts when there is a vehicle approaching whilst reversing. As well as with an obstacle or pedestrian.

Lane Following Assist/Lane Keeping Assist

It helps keeps the vehicle centred as it continuously corrects the course as needed following the lane of travel.

Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist (BCA)

When indicating to change lanes the BCA will provide a warning that there is a risk of collision.

If exiting a parallel parking spot the vehicle will engage the emergency brake system.


Welcome to the electric era. Boasting all the features of the hybrid, The Niro EV is the perfect combination of modern style, SUV versatility, advanced technology, and of course — all-electric efficiency. With an outstanding electric range of 460 kilometres — plus the power and advanced technology you need to help you get the most out of every journey, the Niro EV is charging ahead. Step into the future today!